Class Specific (Set 1)

  1. How was your understanding of the topics taught in the class?

  2. Did you like the teaching style of the facilitator?

  3. Do you need a doubt session for this class?

Understanding their needs (Set 2, give upon start of the first class to new students)

  1. We are thrilled you have chosen Meraki. Please tell us your aim for learn Software Programming? (Check all that apply)

  2. Since you are here, you are interested in Python. What makes it interesting to you?

  3. Would you like to speak to NavGurukul Alumni or a industry programmer for career guidance?

App Feedback (Set 3, given at regular intervals such 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% stage of the learning track)

Hi <student name>. Congratulations for making it this far and sticking on the path of your dream goals. We want to adapt to your learning journey continuously and a few minutes of your time will help make that experience better.

  1. How far have you completed this course (Can add a screenshot of the courses page for reference) **(With the new release, we can track the progress of the student. The question would not be needed and we can instead ask the next question by stating you are currently here in journey, did you find courses helpful?)

This can be slider to denote the journey in the sequential way** - Introduction to Python - Variables - Data Types - Operators - If-else - Loops 101 - Lists 101 - Dictionary - None

  1. Any courses from the above that you had difficulty with? (Check all those apply)

  2. How would you rate the live classes in these parameters? (One question with two scales for two parameters)

  3. Do you attend classes conducted by different teachers?

  4. How often do you the Playground for coding practice?

  5. How many hours in a day do you spend in Meraki?

  6. Is Meraki helping you make a difference your programming and career goals?